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Winter Trip to Hokuriku #2 Amazing View


My wife and I visited Ameharashi Coast at the beginning of this winter.

Ameharashi Coast in Toyama Pref.
Ameharashi Coast in Toyama Pref.

One of this trip's aims is the view of Tateyama Mountain Range through Toyama bay.

I heard there are three places where we can see mountains over 3,000m high in the world. This coast is the only one to see like view in Japan.

Locals say if you saw this scenery, you would be lucky. Unfonunitately, we couldn't see this view. I really want to see this view.

Tateyama Mountain Rang through Toyama bay
Tateyama Mountain Range through Toyama bay

※Photo from Travel Japan

You can see Tateyama Mountain Range at any place in Toyama city.

I took several pictures of it and joined them.

※Other places where you can see the mountain Range

The Alps from Venice (Italy)

The Andes from Valparaiso (Chile)




I went to the Boso Peninsula to see Golden Algae (光藻) in two areas, Tateyama and Takeoka, on June 17, '22. I knew that there was no parking area near caves in Numa so that my husband parked his car at