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Shall we go to see the floors of terminal 1?



This is a map of ground floor of terminal 1

On the ground floor, there are JR & KEISEI stations. They will take you to Tokyo and Kanto

area smoothly.

KEISEI Railway:

Buyig a ticket for the KEISEI SKYLINER? Visit the ticket counter or SKYLINER & KEISEI INFORMATION CENTER 11 .

Buying a ticket of the Keisei Main Line and Narita SKY ACCESS? Use a ticket vending machine.

Refunding PASMO? Visit the machine near the ticket gate.

JR Railway:                       

Acctivating your JAPAN Rail Pass voucher? Visit the JR EAST Travel Service Center 10.

Buying a ticket for the JR NARITA EXPRESS? Visit the ticket counter, Midori-no-madoguchi, or ticket vending machine.

Buying a regular ticket and Welcome SUICA? Use the ticket vending machine.

Refunding SUICA? Use the vending machine at the end on the right.

Repairing baggage, shoes or to unlock a suitcase, visit RIAT 4.

You'll find a clinic at 2.

When you're going to Terminal 2 or 3, please take a free bus at No.6 bus stop on the 1st floor.


This is a map of 1st floor of terminal 1

Source: Narita International Airport Floor Guide

Activating your JR PASS voucher? visit JTB in the Visitor Service Center in the central building. Using ATM? Visit 13: Seven Bank, Keiyo Bank, JP Bank, AEon Bank, Chiba Bank, SMBC.

Renting a mobile phone/Wi-Fi?

Visit 15, J Wifi & Mobile(GLOBAL WiFi)

Telecom Square,

Visit 29, Soft Bank Grobal Rental Japan

AnyFone Japan

XCom Global

Renting a mobile phone/Wi-Fi and buying SIM Card?

Visit 114(JAL ABC),132(J Wifi & Mobile-Global WiFi)

114,142(JAL ABC),

115(Telecom Square),

132(XCom Global). Having your baggage to be delivered or stored?


Source: Narita International Airport Floor Guide

Source: Narita International Airport Floor Guide

You'll find a prayer room on the 5th floor.





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