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Shall we go to see the floors on Terminal 3?


This is a map of 1st floor of terminal 3

Renting a mobile phone/Wi-Fi and SIM Card? Visit 34(J Wifi & Mobile) Purchasing SIM Card? Use a vending Machine at 35. Having temporary storage for bonded luggage? Visit 37(SEINO CUSTOMS CLEARANCE SERVICE).

This is a map of 2nd floor of terminal 3

Exchanging money, purchasing traveler's insurance, and renting mobile phone/Wi-Fi?

visit 19, GPA,YAMATO TRANSPORTATION. Using ATMs, Seven Bank and AEon Bank? visit 23.

Taking a passport photo?, visit 24.

You'll find a prayer room on the Departure Lobby.

Passengers using Terminal 3 are often requested to go to Terminal 2.

To go to Terminal 2, please either walk the 630-meter corridor or take the free Shuttle Bus(direct bus : approx. 3 minutes). To go to Terminal 1 via Terminal 2, please take the free Shuttle Bus (approx.10 minutes).





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