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Shall we go to see the floors of terminal 2?



This is a map the ground floor of Terminal 2.

KEISEI Railway:

Buying a ticket for the KEISEI SKYLINER? Visit the ticket counter or SKYLINER & KEISEI INFORMATION CENTER 11 .

Buying a ticket of the Keisei Main Line and Narita SKY ACCESS? Use a ticket vending machine.

Refunding PASMO? Visit the machine near the ticket gate.

JR Railway:

Activating your JAPAN Rail Pass voucher? Visit the JR EAST Travel Service Center 10.                       

Buying a ticket for the JR NARITA EXPRESS? Visit the ticket counter, Midori-no-madoguchi, or ticket vending machine.

Buying a regular ticket and Welcome SUICA? Use the ticket vending machine.

Refunding SUICA? Use the vending machine at the end on the right. Renting a mobile phone/Wi-Fi? Visit 3, Xcom Global.

Using a Pet inn ROYAL, Narita Airport? Visit 20.

Using a cupsule hotel, Nine Hours? Visit 23.

This is a map of the first floor of Terminal 2.

Exchanging currency? Visit 21, Chiba Bank or visit automatic currency exchange purchacing machine at 32.

Delivering baggage? Visit 7, YAMATO TRANSPORT or 28, JAL ABC.

Storing of baggage? Visit 7, YAMATO TRANSPORT or 28, JAL ABC.

Buying a bus ticket? Visit sales counter 10, 26.

Having temporary storage for bonded luggage? Visit 2, SEINO CUSTOMS CLEARANCE SERVICE. Renting mobile phone/Wi-Fi & buying SIM card?

Visit 6, 31 SIM card vending machine

10,26 SoftBank Global Rental

12, J WiFi & Mobile (Global WiFi)

24, Telecom Square

26, Anyfone JAPAN


This is a map of the third floor of terminal 2.


Exchanging currency? Visit 1/12/15/18, Mizuho Bank/GPA Foreign Currency Exchange Store/MUF Bank/Keiyo Bank

Getting your delivered baggage? Visit 5, YAMATO TRANSPORT or 22 , JAL ABC.

Storing baggage? Visit 7, NPF or 22, JAL ABC.

Having your baggage wrapped? Visit 7, NPF or 22, JAL ABC

Renting a mobile phone/Wi-Fi?

Visit 6, J Wifi & Mobile(GLOBAL WiFi),

Visit 13, Telecom Square,

Visit 22, JAL ABC

Repairing baggage, shoes or to unlock a suitcase and a key and to duplicate a key? Visit 7, NPF

This is a map of the fourth floor of terminal 2

Source: Narita Intrtnational Airport Floor Guide

There is an observation deck.

Source: Narita International Airport Floor Guide





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