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Shall we go and see Terminal 3?


This is a map of 2nd floor of terminal 3

This is a map of 1st floor of terminal 3

Source: Narita International Airport Floor Guide

When you need to exchange your currency, visit GPA 33.

You'll find ATM at 19 30 36.

When you buy a ticket of the Keisei line, use a self-service train ticket machine. When you buy a bus ticket or a low cost bus ticket, visit the ticket counter 31.

When you need to have your baggage delivered or stored, visit GPA 33.

When you have temporary storage for bonded luggage,Please visit 37(SEINO CUSTOMS CLEARANCE SERVICE).

When you need to cover travelers's insurance, visit GPA 14.

When you rent a mobile phone/Wi-Fi and SIM Card, visit 34(J Wifi & Mobile-Global WiFi) 14(Mobile Center-Telecom Square).

You'll find SIM Card Vending Machine at 35.

You'll find a prayer room on the Departure Lobby.

These pictograms will surely help you!

Passengers using Terminal 3 who are coming by train or by car are requested to first go to Terminal 2.

To go to Terminal 2, please either walk the 630-meter corridor or take the free Shuttle Bus:(direct bus : approx. 3 minutes). The bus runs every 3-10 minutes.

To go to Terminal 1 via Terminal 2, please take the free Shuttle Bus: (approx.13 minutes).

The bus runs every 7-20 minutes.

This is another transportation service!

More about other floors at Narita International Airport: please access





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