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Sakura in Shinsyu

Japanese people love cherry blossoms - Sakura- quite well.

We can see them at a lot of places in Spring. For example. Belong the streets and rivers, in parks, schoolyards, and gardens. So Spring is the most exciting season of the year.

I traveled to Shinsyu to visit the famous temple and see gorgeous cherry blossoms.

Takato Castle Ruins Park

I first visited Matsumoto Castel is one of the national treasures.

We can see the Castle, cherry blossoms, and the highest mountains covered with snow on their tops during the day. So beautiful!

And at night, we can look up at the illuminated Castle and cherry blossoms. Amazing!

4-1 Marunouchi, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture, 390-0873 Japan

Takato Castle Ruins Park. There are approximately 1,500 cherry trees.

The view that those cherry trees bloom is so much gorgeous.

Those cherry trees are only in this area. These blooms are smaller than other trees' and pinker. And those trees have more flowers than other cherry trees. We can visit this place day and night.

Ruins of Higashi Takato Castle, Takato Town, Ina City, Nagano Prefecture

The cherry tree that I introduce you to is rarely beautiful.

There is at the site of a junior high school, Kinehara schoolhouse.

This tree has broad branches, and those were swaying in the wind.

Wonderful and perfect!

The boys of this local were playing baseball.

The locals have taken care of this site and this cherry tree.

377-1 Tchesa, Iida City, Nagano, 395-0242 Japan





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