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  • 執筆者の写真Michi

Flower beds in the Boso Peninsula


Spring has come! It was chilly and windy When I visited Chikura(千倉) last weekend, where I saw an abundance of stocks in their best.

You'll see calendulas(yellow flowers) and stocks on the left.

You'll see field mustards in front of the cottage in the Rosemary Park in the middle.

I saw field mustards coloring the side of the local road yellow on the right.

When I visited "Bentensa, the Goddess of Good Fortune" at Takeoka in Tateyama on June 17, 2022, it wasn't a right time to visit to see algae.

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I made it!! The surface of the water looked as if a man of generosity had scattered golden powder.

I went to Takabe Shrine in Chikura, which enshrines culinary god Iwakamutsukari no mikoto. The shrine attracts many visitors who work in the food industry.

The sacred ritual called "Hocho-shiki" is held on May 17, Oct.17, and Nov.23 every year, where those ingredients such as carp, sea bream, bonito, perch, and so on are cut in a solemn manner according to the ancient tradition. "Hocho-shiki" has been passed down

over generations since it started 1,100 years ago.

It was a little early to view cherry blossoms in full bloom, but the yellow mimosa attracted






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