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Falls in Yoro valley

Yoro Valley belongs from Otaki Town to Ichihara City in Chiba Prefecture. The river formed this valley for a long time.

Signboard of Yoko Valley
Awamata Fall
Mandai Fall

The flow of Yoro River scraped away the rock mass, so there are steep walls on both sides of the river and many waterfalls.

Those waterfalls aren't higher or broader than famous waterfalls, but their forms and sounds are very cozy. The negative ions in the air produced by the waterfall relax us.

Konjin Fall

(The photo of the right side is from Kameyama Onsen Hotel. Thanks.)

Nomizo Fall shows the serene view that the light from behind the fall reflects from the river water.

This landscape changes depending on the season and time. It makes a perfect view of a 'heart' in Marchi and September. It's an art of mysterious nature. Amazing.

The light and shade of green leaves in spring are beautiful, and the air is clean.

So We can see the three-dimensional scenery.

There are terraced rice fields and hot springs in this perfect beautiful nature.

They say yellow and red leaves are great, too. I'm looking forward to coming to Yoro Valley in Autumn.





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