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About 4th & 5th Floors of Terminal 1


On the 4th floor, you'll find International Departure Lobby and

on the 4th & 5th floor you'll find shops, restaurants and observation deck.

This is a map of International Departure Lobby on the 4th floor in Terminal 1.

You'll find the Star Alliance check-in counters in the South Wing.

You'll find the Sky Team check-in counters in the North Wing.

When you need to get your delivered baggage, visit 114 or 142 (GPA, JAL ABC, QL Liner).

When you need the baggage storage, visit 114 or 142 (JAL ABC , QL Liner).

When you need to repack and weigh your baggage, visit the area near South Exit 3 or North Exit 4.

When you rent a mobile phone/Wi-Fi, visit 114 or 142(JAL ABC, QL Liner),

115(Telecom Square), 114,132( J Wifi & Mobile=GLOBAL WiFi) and 132(XCom Global).

You'll find ATM at 118(Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation/Chiba Bank/Seven Bank),

133(JP BANK/AEON BANK) and 134(Mizuho Bank/AEON BANK).

When you need to exchange your currency, visit 113 134 115 138 118 133.

When you need to cover the traveler's insurance, visit 115(Tokio Marine & Nichido/Sompo

Japan Nipponkoa/Mitsui Sumitomo Insuarance, 121(Tokio Marine & Nichido /AIG General Insuarance and 133(Tokio Marine & Nic hido/AIG General Insuarance/Mitsui

Sumitomo Insurance.

This is a map of AIRPORT MALL on the 4th floor in the Central Building.

Please enjoy shopping and dining.

This is a map of Restaurants and Shops on the 5th floor.

Source: Narita International Airport Floor Guide

Please enjoy dining and shopping as well as observing airplanes landing & taking off the runway.

There are several openings in the fence where you can take clear shots at the observation deck.

KINEYAMUGIMARU Udon noodles shop(87) serves Halal Cuisine.

You'll enjoy the variety of exhibition at NAA Art Gallery (open 6:00-22:00)

You'll find a prayer room just across from the elevator.

When you play with the Capsule toy, you can make a choice of spending 300yen, 500yen or 1,000yen.

A money changer is nearby.

More about other floors at Narita International Airport: please access





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