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About 3rd Floor of Terminal 2


This is a map of International Departure Lobby on the 3rd floor in Terminal 2

You'll find the JAL check-in counters in the South Wing.

You'll find the Oneworld (QANTAS, AMERICAN, CATHAY PCIFIC, GARUDA INDONESIA, BRITISH and so on)check-in counters in the North Wing.

When you need to get your delivered baggage, visit 5/22 (GPA, QL Liner/JAL ABC).

When you need the baggage storage, visit 5/7/22 (QL Liner/NPF/JAL ABC).

When you need to repack and weigh your baggage, visit the area just across from the check-in counter D or P.

When you need to have your baggage wrapped, visit 7 or 22.

When you rent a mobile phone/Wi-Fi, visit 5/6/13/22 (QL Liner/J Wifi & Mobile=GLOBAL WiFi/Telecom Square/JAL ABC).

You'll find a Mobile phone Support Counter DoCoMo World Counter Narita 2, at 6.

When you need to repair baggage, shoes or to unlock a suitcase and a key and to duplicate a key, visit NPF 7.

You'll find ATM at 15(Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation/JP BANK/Seven Bank) and 4(Keiyo Bank/Seven Bank/Mizuho Bank)

When you need to exchange your currency, visit 1 4 12 15 18.

When you need to cover the traveler's insurance, visit 11(AIG General Insuarance and 20 (Tokio Marine & Nichido).

More about other floors at Narita International Airport: please access





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