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About 2nd Floor of Terminal 2


This is a map of 2nd floor of terminal 2

You'll find access ways to parking lots.

You'll find a bank and ATM at 8.

There is a fast food restaurant YOSHINOYA 3.

You'll have a great joy visiting NARITA ANIME DECK 1 and enjoy a cup of coffee or light meals there. This is a souvenir shop, too.

You'll find a convenience store HOT HEART 3, travel goods and pharmaceutical shop DRUG BOX 4 and barber shop & beauty salon EARNEST 10.

You'll find a passport photo booth at 5 and a travel goods reception counter at 24.

You'll find reception desks & rental lounges (for groups)[A-5,A-6] at 7 and rental lounges (for groups)[P-2,P-3]

More about other floors at Narita International Airport: please access





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