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Wonderland Oita!

I traveled to Oita Prefecture, which has the largest number of hot springs sources in Japan.

A survey said the prefecture with the largest number of hot spring sources in Japan is Oita Prefecture, with 5,088, followed by Kagoshima Prefecture with 2,749, Shizuoka Prefecture with 2,244, Hokkaido with 2,172, and Kumamoto Prefecture with 1,360, and these five places alone account for half of all the hot springs in Japan.

We visited 'Beppu Onsen; the largest amount of hot spring water gushing out in Japan, and 'Yuhuin Onsen'; the second of it.

Beppu Onsen

I recommend you to go around hells, which locals called because hot spring water has some color and the largest amount of hot spring water is gushing out.

Even it's strange that there are a few hells,

  • Sea Hell: the hot water's color is so beautiful, be careful that its temperature is 98 Celsius. You will be surrounded by hot air.

  • Shaven head Demon Hell: a look of the gushing hot mad.

  • Kamado Hell: Some hot water ponds have a variety of colors. Local people call it Kamado; cooking equipment to enclose fire.

  • Demon Mountain Hell: Sorry, Domon is not here, but there are a huge number of crocodiles and alligators. They keep them by using hot springs.

  • White Pond Hell: the huge steam is rising from the fumarole and there is a sulfurous smell.

  • Blood Pond Hell: the red clay is boiling in the pond. It looks like hell.

  • Tornado Hell: 105 Celsius of boiling water blows out at regular intervals, and the blowing lasts from six minutes to ten minutes. It can blow about 30m in height, but for safety, there is a roof.


Yufuin is the second of the largest number of hot spring sources and the largest amount of hot spring water gushing out.

In this town there is a main street: ' Yunotubo ', and the hot springs are spreading along it. there are many Cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops, end so on.

The nearest mountain; 'Yufu Dake' and 'Kinrin Lake' are showing their beautiful sights in each season.

Harajiri Waterfalls

Mt. Aso created many hot springs and beautiful sceneries. This area is like a wonderland.

'Harajiri Waterfalls' called 'Niagara Falls' of the East is one of them.

This height is 20 meters, and the width is 120 meters, so it is 1/5 of it.

Generally, waterfalls are located in mountains and valleys, but they suddenly appear in rural areas.





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