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  • 執筆者の写真Michi

Welcome to JAPAN!! 


I am a member of Skylets.

I often do volunteer work of welcoming individual guests from overseas at Narita Airport or Haneda Airport, which has become one of our vibrant activities since COVID-19 was over.

We, in pairs, assist them with buying a transportation IC card such as Welcome Suica, or PASMO PASSPORT, pick up Wi-Fi/SIM, deliver their luggage to the hotel and so on. Then we navigate to the best and easiest train or bus to go to their hotels.

We have welcomed total 275 groups since Skylets started an Airport Assistance in December 2022. The breakdown is 150 groups from USA, 58 from Australia, 24 from Canada, 11 United Kingdom, 9 from Singapore, 7 from New Zealand, 5 from Spain, 4 from Germany, India, Israel respectively, and so on.

And 180 groups landed at Narita Airport while 129 groups at Haneda  Airport.

We welcomed a family from Los Angeles at Narita Airport in the afternoon on May 17th.

We assisted them with purchasing PASMO PASSPORTs and bullet train tickets at terminal 1.

They were so delighted to get the IC cards with a cute design of Sanrio Hello Kitty.

Then we moved to terminal 2 by a shuttle bus, where they checked in the Jal counter to fly to Itami Airport.



The 23-year-old son showed us the detailed travel itinerary on his smartphone.

Mom said, “There’s one thing we were disappointed: We had tried so hard to reserve tickets for Ghibli Park, but every time on the day of the tickets were issued, we ended up with no tickets."

They are visiting Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, Himeji, and going back to Tokyo.

Enjoy Japan!!


What is Skylets? Please refer to here. 







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