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I am a member of Skylets. what is Skylets? Please refer to here.

I often do volunteer work of welcoming individual guests from overseas at Narita Airport or Haneda Airport, which has become one of our vibrant activities since COVID-19 was over.

We, in pairs, help them buy a transportation IC card such as Suica, Welcome Suica, or PASMO PASSPORT, pick up Wi-Fi/SIM, deliver their luggage to the hotel and so on. Then we navigate to the best and easiest train or bus to go to their hotels.


Fumiko, Daiki, a college student of Keiai college(as an observer), and I welcomed an American family from Sacrament, California at the arrival lobby of Narita Airport in the afternoon on March 23.


Just before their arrival day, we were asked to navigate them to a storage facility where they can stow bedding items such as pillows and blankets that were definitely necessary on board for their little daughters.

There are lockers on the 1st and 4th floor of terminal 1 at Narita airport. Considering that they are scheduled to fly back with ANA from Narita Airport, we navigated them to the locker at the 4th floor, departure floor.


➂We went downstairs, where we saw a long waiting line that I have never seen before to buy PASMO PASSPORT with Hello Kitty patterns depicted on it. We immediately gave up joining the line and went to a currency exchange counter.

After exchanging dollars for yen, Jeff-san purchased a Suica for his 8-year-old daughter. Since his younger daughter is 5, she is free.

While we were standing in line to buy Suica at Midori no Madoguchi, Daiki enjoyed coversation with Jeff-san and handed in a guide brochure "Japan travel Guidebook" which several Keiai college students have voluntarily compiled.




➃While Jeff-san was buying a SUICA, Fumi-san gave the cute little girls ORIGAMI:

Paper cranes and clothes.


➄They were so much delighted at the ORIGAMI.




Their nine-day journey for Tokyo, Kyoto and Nara kicked off from the Sky Access platform at Narita Airport. 





We would be happy to be of service to you at Narita Airport or Haneda Airport when you visit Japan.

Please access Skylets.





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