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Naruko Hot Spring covered by yellow and red leaves


Naruko Hot Spring is a northern place in Miyagi prefecture. It is well-known that it offers a wide variety of qualities, and the variety and number of sources is one of the highest in Japan.

This eria has more than a thousand ages in history. In 837, the volcano erupted massively and made this hot spring. Many samurai and a famous haiku poet visited there.

They are producing Naruko Kokeshi: a limbless wooden doll, as a souvenir or toy for girls.

I visited Naruko Hot Spring to see beautiful views covered with yellow and red leaves and to get quality hot springs.

You go to Naruko Hot Spring by Shinkansen and the local train.

From Tokyo station to Furukawa station via Sendai station by Shinkansen: 2 hours and 15 minutes.

From Furukawa station to Naruko Onsen station by local trains: 40 minutes.

Amazing Colour views

Naruko Valley is a popular spot for viewing the autumn leaves in the Tohoku region, and it's near Naruko Hot Spring.

The best time to view the autumn leaves is said to be from late October to early November. In this season, there are limousines from Naruko Onsen station to Nakayamataira Onsen station which stop at Naruko Valley.

Katanuma was decorated with mountains colored with autumn leaves.

Katanuma is a caldera lake and takes about eight minutes from Naruko Onsen station by car.

Some hot springs are gushing out from its bottom, and its water changes its color by weather, etc. When I visited, its color was emerald.

Oniukoube Spring geyser has two geysers and was surrounded by autumn color.

One of two is called Benten; it erupts at 15-meter intervals every 10 minutes, another is called Unryu; it erupts at 2-meter intervals every 15 minutes. There was a carpet of golden ginkgo leaves, so Visitors were excited.

Although you can only see them, you can enjoy footbath and hand-bath.

Get on the Onikobe line bus at Naruko Onsen Station and get off at the Kanketsu-sen-Mae bus stop.

Be careful because it is closed from December 1st to late March.

Naruko Dam is a spot that is famous for autumn leaves, too.

It is an arch-concrete dam, and its height is 94.5 meters.

It has a very beautiful shape, and its form that is in the valley is impressive. Get on the Onikobe line bus at Naruko Onsen Station and get off at the Naruko-dam-Mae bus stop.

Hot Springs & Hotel

Shintoro-no-yu is well-known for being good for the skin.

It is said that the skin will become smooth.

Although it has only one bath for each man and woman, the spring quality is gentle. So many become repeaters.

Its spring's temperature is decreased by passing it through the gutter. They don't mix the hot spring with water to decrease its temperature.

This spring is a day spa and doesn't provide lodging facilities.

It takes about 15 minutes on foot from Nakayamataira Onsen station.

※From Shintoro-no-u

Naruko Hotel mixes three sources and its spring is famous for its smooth and velvety effect on the skin. This hot spring also changes color with the seasons. The color of the hot water of the day is indicated at the entrance to the bathhouse.

The hotel provides buffet-style dinners and breakfasts, offering a wide variety of dishes. The meals are not only abundant but also delicious, providing a luxurious dining experience.

It takes about a 5-minute walk from Naruko Onsen station.

※From Naruko Hotel






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