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Tsurigasaki Surfing Beach in Ichinomiya


Tsurigasaki Surfing Beach (Shidashita Beach) is one of the most attractive surfing sites in Japan and located at the southern end of Kujukuri coast.

The photo above was taken by Fumi on June 12th.

The Tokyo 2020 Games surfing program is going to make a debut on the beach. The competitions are going to be held in four days between July 25th and Aug. 1st.

You'll be surprised with a stone torii ahead of you on the beach. A torii marks the entrance to a sacred area. In the Japanese myth a goddess Tamayorihimenomikoto(玉依姫命)enshrined in Tamasaki Shrine meets another gods in this area once a year. You'll find this area is very sacred.

This is the photo taken by Fumi on June 12th. You can see the facilities on the beach.


You'll take a JR (Japan Railways) rapid train from Narita Airport to JR Chiba Station (40 minutes), change to Sotobosen, get off at Kazusa-Ichinomiya station(45 minutes), and take a shuttle bus.

This is a map of Tsurigasaki Surfing Beach.

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