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  • 執筆者の写真Michi

The Paralympic Games will be held next week


I went to Makuhari Messe to take a training course for the volunteers of goalball yesterday.

At Makuhari Messe, the competition of sitting volleyball, para taekwondo, wheelchair fencing, and goalball will be taken place during Aug.24 and Sept.5.

Since a band of rain clouds has been staying over west Japan, I had to walk in rain after getting off at the nearest bus stop.

After sanitizing my hands, taking body temperature, and checking my accreditation card at the entrance of the International conference Hall, I walked into a big room where I learned general knowledge about the goalball and the volunteer work in details.

Then the chief staff guided us to the C Hall,(Event Hall), where Goalball competition is going to be held during Aug.20 and Sept. 3.

They haven't set the court up yet, but audience seats are ready.

I hope the competition will be held with audience.

I'm looking forward to doing volunteer work and I can't wait to see good performance of all athletes.





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