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Tamasaki Shrine 玉前神社


Tamasaki Shrine is a Shinto shrine in Ichinomiya, Chiba pref. and it was listed on the "Engi Shinki Jinmyocho" (延喜式神名帳) archives formulated in the Heian Era.

The origins of Tamasaki Shrine are unknown. However the present shrine was reconstructed in 1687. The shrine enshrines Tamayori-hime no mikoto(玉依姫命), the mother of Emperor Jimmu(神武天皇) and daughter of the sea-dragon god Watatsumi.

This is a hall of worship. You'll bow once, throw a coin into the offertory box, bow deeply twice, clap both hands twice raising them to the chest level, place both hands together, pray, and then bow last.

A torii(鳥居), a gate of the shrine, symbolically separates the secular world outside from the sacred world of the shrine.

You'll see the second torii.

When you walk into the precinct, you'll see a Japanese white pine(五葉松) supposed to be approximately 150 years old. Since the pine leaves are constantly replaced by new ones, it is believed to be a symbol of perpetual youth and long life(不老長寿).

You'll see a man listening to the sound of Shinkinkutsu(水琴窟) which has water dripping and dropping from multiple positions of the jars underground.

Kagura-den, a hall for special prayers Memorial hall where the war dead are enshrined.

Ema with wishes written on the back In the precinct

Omikuji, paper fortune, tied to the strings

This is a torii on Tsurigasaki beach (Shidashita Beach) where Tokyo 2020 Games surfing competitions were held between July 25 and 27, 2021. Tamayori-hime no mikoto makes an annual visit to meet another gods in this area. The torii is located about 6km southeast from Tamasaki Shrine.

Please access for further information: 玉前神社





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