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  • 執筆者の写真Michi

Red, Yellow, and Green+♨


I visited my parents' grave at Minami Alps City in Yamanashi Prefecture last week.

I enjoyed viewing autumn leaves while my husband drove along the Chuo expressway which runs through mountainous areas.

After paying my respects to the grave, we drove to Ashiysu hot spring, where we stayed for two nights.

Ashiyasu hot spring area is located at the entrance to the trail up Mt. Kitadake (3193m), the second highest in Japan, behind Mt.Fuji. In summer a number of climbers take a hot spring here on the way back from trekking the Minami Alps mountain ranges.

We stayed at an inn and a pension.

Relax please, listening to the sound of hot spring water at an outdoor bath of the pension where we stayed.

Minami Inagako lake(南伊奈ヶ湖) used to be a hidden leaf-viewing spot in Minami Alps area when we visited several years ago, which I thought at least, but not now. We had no other choice but to endure a long line to park my car.

Kochouzenji(古長禅寺) was established in 1316 but burnt down in 1924 (大正13).

TAKEDA Shingen who was a daimyo, a feudal lord of Kai Province, present Yamanashi Pref. used to visit this temple to learn Zen doctrine.

There is a tomb of O'i-no-kata (大井の方) who was Takeda Shingen's mother in the precinct.

I bought Hyakume persimmons(百目柿) at JA Shirane market in Minami Alps City. It has been my annual routine work to make dried persimmons since my father died n 2014. After peeling the persimmons, I dipped them in the boiling water for 10 seconds and hang them out to dry for a month. If you like soft ones, you can eat in nine days. It's up to your preference when you finish hanging them out. Why don't you access my previous blog. You'll get more about dried persimmons!

Here is a map of Minami Alps City.





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