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  • 執筆者の写真Michi

Scenic Collaboration between Cherry Blossoms and Rape Flowers

The movie was taken at Itabu Station of the Kominato Railway Line.

My husband and I went Sakura viewing last month, riding local trains called "Nanohana Train",  literally means rape flower train which runs through the Boso Peninsula.

I was so nervous that I checked so many times the best time to view the scenic collaboration between cherry blossoms and rape flowers.

Recently riding local trains has been a boom, while many people are lured to take photos of them.

We took the JR Sotobo Line train from Chiba station to Ohara Station located a 15-minute walk from the Pacific coast, where we transferred to the Isumi Railway Line , at Kazusanakano we transferred to the Kominato Railway Line, and got off at Goi Station. Then we went back to Chiba Station.

The left image: Ohara station of Isumi Railway

The middle image: a yellow train of Isumi Railway

The right image: Look at the design of chairs in the waiting room on the platform. They remind me of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games held in the summer of 2021. Surfing competitions were held in Tsurigaski beach near Ohara station .

The left image: Sea food restaurant ISABAYA.

The middle image: Look at the menue. I was so excited to choose one.

The right image: We ordered KAISEN-Don.

The left image: Kuniyoshi Station of the Isumi Railway Line

The middle image: Ohtaki Station of the Isumi Railway Line

The right image: Hachiman Shrine near Ohtaki Station of the Isumi Railway Line

The left image: Higashifusamoto Station of the Isumi Railway Line

The middle image: between Higashifusamoto Station and Kugahara of the Isumi Railway Line

The right image: Kugahara Station of the Isumi Railway Line

A couple of typhoons hit these area and caused some disastrous loss.

In 1996,(Heisei 8) the drivers of Isumi Railway voluntarily started planting seeds of rape flowers on the both banks of the line and the City Office planted cherry trees, which contributed to the present vibrant scenery.

The Isumi Railway Line and the Kominato Railway Line are connected at Kazusa-nakano Station.

The left image: Outdoor toilet at Kazusa-nakano Station

The middle image: The Kominato Railway train aproaching Kazusa-nakano Station, which we rode for 80 minutes to Goi Station.

Right image: At Tsukizaki Station

The movie was taken at Kazusa-nakano Station.

It was a fantastic two-hour train ride to view rape flowers and cherry trees from Ohara to Goi Station.

A map of the Isumi Railway Line & the Kominato Railway Line

A map of Japan





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