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My Host Family in Victoria Canada


Brentwood Festival was held on 3rd June in Brentwood Bay in Victoria, Canada.

There was a parade and a festival at the Brentwood Bay Stage with games and activities for all ages, as well as a fantastic vendor market.

The parade seemed disorganized, and the people who joined it and the spectators seemed to be enjoying themselves.

My host family has lived near the parade route. The house is near Brentwood Bay in the Saanich Inlet. There are many boats and yachts in the bay. I have been taking a walk around this place every day.

Nature is beautiful, and deer, rabbits, and squirrels sometimes appear neighborhood. They eat plants in the gardens, and neighbors live with animals.

The inhabitants are so friendly and kind. When we meet on the street, we say 'Hallo' and 'Hi' even though we haven't met before. This habit isn't in Japan.

It takes about 1 hour from the host family to the school.

Host Family

My host family's mother is quite kind to me.

She has taken care of me very well.

At dinner, she asks me about the school, activities, etc.

She has been making efforts that I could talk in English.

She cooks all meals. Weekdays, breakfast and dinner, weekends, all meals.

If she is busy or she has to work late, she gets dinner from 'SUBWAY' or 'McDonald's'

(I think these are tastier than the Japanese ones. I just have a feeling.)

That's Okay because I sometimes eat out or them as dinner in Japan. We don't stay in a hotel.

She asked me what I did want to eat, and has provided them since I arrived here.

She has no rules. Everything is up to me.

I clean my room on weekends, do laundry two a week, and make a bed every day.

I have heard that there are many problems between students and host families.

And I know there are strict rules.

Students should firmly communicate their requests to their host families.

If students cannot fix the problems, I think the school or agency that introduced the host family should handle this. Because students are not familiar with English, so they cannot negotiate with the host well.

I'm lucky and happy because I met a great family.

Actually, this weekend, I have to move. This family is planning a vacation, and this requirement was communicated to me at the beginning of this homestay.

I hope they will have a great time and I will meet a new family.

Thank you so much for everything, Jennifer.

Nice to meet you, Ms.Nikki





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