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Gina's Japan 2023 Travel


I often do volunteer work to welcome guests at the arrival lobby of Narita Airport or Haneda Airport and help them activate JR PASS, buy an transportation IC card such as Welcome Suica/PASMO, picking up Wi-Fi/SIM and take the best and easiest train or bus to go to their hotels.

Gina, living in California is one of the world travelers that I've welcomed. She wrote a blog on this site.

Shall we see how she enjoyed her 28-day travel with her daughter?

Here is her daughter's message.

I had fun in my trip to Japan and saw a lot of nice things when we went to Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. It all felt unreal being in the place that was the setting of a lot of anime I watched. Throughout the trip, I kept asking myself if I was just dreaming. The city infrastructure and the public transport system felt out of this world. Even if it was confusing at first, it was very logical and useful. I liked the way Japan hybridized the new and the old in their cities and rural areas. It was also convenient for us that english was like a second language everywhere. I had fun with all the festivals too even though it was really crowded. It was a good experience overall.





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