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  • 執筆者の写真青云之人

Chiba Shrine 千葉神社


In 1127 years constructed by The Chiba Clan's Tsunetane Chiba.

Shrine is a nationally revered and respected shrine for the homage it pays to "Chiba's God of the North Star".

The "Sonjoden", is main-hall, which is the only romon-style "Bunreisha" (a shrine which houses a fragment of a particular tutelary god) of its kind, was completed in 2000.

This beautifully vermilion-lacquered shrine is a must-see for all tourists to here.




Event ”千葉妙見大祭”

Every years from Aug. 16th till 22nd 7-days Chiba Shrine hold ceremony of "Myoukentaisai"(Grand Festival) that parade around the city. An aim of this event is to pray for harvest and thank God. From 1127 years not stop this event.




Access ; 10min walk from JR Chiba Sta.

Adress : 1-16-1 Innai, Chuo-Ku, Chiba-City

phone ; 043-224-2211


交通工具 ; 从JR千叶站走路10分钟左右

地址 ; 千叶市中央区院内 1-16-1

电话号码 ; 043-224-2211

Shrine visit procedures

Please remember for your own benefit the basic rules for worshiping.  

1.Bow at Torii

It is polite manner to bow before through the "Torii". Also when you come to the arch after worshiping, you should turn to the shrine for a b the ow.

2.Walk the Sando

Since the center is the path for God, the worshipers should give way so that God can easily pass.

3.Purify at Chozuya

Take the "Hishaku" dipper with your right hand, scoop up water and put it on your left hand. Change the "Hishaku" to the left hand and clean the right hand as well. Take the "Hishaku" again with the right hand and rinse the mouth with water on the left palm. After cleansing your left hand again, put the "Hishaku" upright, clean it so that water flows through the handle, and place it back with the open side facing downward.

4.Visit the Haiden

When you stand in front of the "Saisenbako" donation box placed at the "Haiden" worship shrine, give a bow and put in money. Make deep bow twice, raise both hands to the chest level, then clap them twice. Put your hands together and pray with at your heart. Make a final deep bow.

5.After worship

It is considered better to draw a fortune or receive an amulet only after worshiping. Regardless of the content, you may tie the drawn fortune to either trees or lottery boards in the precincts if you can remember the content.

Source by "はじめての神社仏閣"(自由国民社)






3. 之后往供德箱里香资。这是为了抛弃欲望和贪恋的修炼。不要投,献香资的时候请伸手轻轻地放入功德箱里。







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