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Bride on a rowboat

You are interested in traditional Japanese culture.

Some of it has already disappeared for a long time, but locals recreate it as an event.

Anyway, watch the video below.

The bride goes to her bridegroom on the rowboat, which is called 'Ro-bune' in Japanese, with her parents.

I think you can feel great emotion too when you see it.

This place, which is in Itako city in Chiba Prefecture, is a riverside district, and then there are many canals that kept their life.

What a bride goes to her bridegroom was common at that time. These days, it is held as an event of the flower festival.

While the festival, 29 publicly selected couples took part in it. Each year, there are many applications, and the competition is three times as high.

A local said the bride who was in the video above got married a few days ago, and her mother applied for this event, but they didn't choose her.

So the bride made her mother's dream come true.

It was a beautiful story.





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