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Jinja (神社): Shinto shrines


神社 : Shinto shrines

(Photo : Chiba Shrines by Mr.Matsu)

Since ancient time, the Japanese have believed that the gods come down to earth guided by evergreen trees on mountains. They would worship a particular tree with mountains and forest in the background and make offerings at the base.

Soon, small sheds were built to protest the offerings and later more permanent constructions. The permanent constructions would later become the main building of Shinto shrines.

The object of worships is not in the building but in the background and surroundings.

Shrines are built by carpenters specializing in temples and shrine construction using tailored tools and techniques. Shrines include a main building where deities and icons are enshrined as well as other buildings.

Many Japanese visit a shrine on the first day of the year.

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