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  • 執筆者の写真Michi

Selection From the Collection of Chiba Museum of Art XV


The exhibition selected from the permanent collection is on view from May 3 to June 5, 2022

It includes Japanese paintings and woodblock prints from the 17th to the early 20th centuries by TSUBAKI Sadao, HASHIMOTO Kansetsu, ITOH Shoha, TOMIOKA Tessai, TSUKIOKA Yoshitoshi, , MORTIMER Menpes, Keith Elizabeth, NAKAMURA Hocho, and so on.

⁂Prints related to Kyoto and Osaka

The title of the woodblock print above is "Chuuyu Hakkenden忠勇八犬伝 ; the Actor Ichikawa Ebizo as Inuyama Dosetsu" by UTAGAWA Kunimasu 歌川国升( the date of birth and death unknown. Look at the glaring look in the print! Kunimasu depicted many expressive Ookubi-e, burst portraits. Dosetsu 道節was one of the main characters in Satomi Hakkenden by TAKIZAWA Bakin (1767~1848)

The print was published in around 1848~1852.

The title of the woodblock print above is "Yoshitoshi Manga, Watanabe no Tsuna and Ibaraki Doji 渡辺綱と茨木童子" by TSUKIOKA Yoshitoshi (1839~1892).

Yoshitoshi produced manga featuring the Japanese legend and fairy tales. Yoshitoshi depicted Ibaraki Doji, a legendary devil who lived in Kyoto, whose one arm was cut with a sword by Watanabe no Tsuna. And the print depicted Ibaraki Doji looking into the coffin with his arm in it, while Watanabe no Tsuna was watching.

According to the legend, Ibaraki Doji would often rampage through Kyoto (暴れ回る) so that he was punished, and then he succeeded at getting back the other arm by disguising the aunt of Watananabe no Tsuna.

The print was published in 1885 (Meiji 18).

⁂Excellent Artists of Nihonga in Modern Kyoto

This is the left-hand screen of a pair of six folding screens (六曲一双) titled "Evening at the Ferry Crossing 渡頭の夕暮れ" by KONOSHIMA Okoku 木島櫻谷(1877~1938). Okoku depicted the lives of ordinary people in Suibokuga (ink painting) style.

The screen was produced in 1905 or before.

This is the right-hand screen of the pair of six folding screens.


This is one page of a design book titled "Kenzan Iboku 乾山遺墨 (Ink traces Kenzan)" by SAKAI Hoitsu (酒井抱一).

Hoitsu honored OGATA Korin (尾形光琳) and OGATA Kenzan (尾形乾山) who was his master of the Rinpa school and Korin's brother respectively. Hoitsu published "One hundred designs of Korin" as well.

"Kenzan Iboku was published in 1823.

Modern Prints related Kyoto

The title of the woodblock print above is "Room with a Lake View" by MAEKAWA Senpan 前川千帆 (1888~1960).

Senpan depicted a relaxed woman in a breezy inn by the Lake Suwa, Nagano Pref.

He was born in Kyoto and studied at Kansai Art Academy. In 1911 he moved to Tokyo, where he became noted as caricaturist and then produced creative prints (創作版画), which the artist became self-drawn, self-carved, and self-printed.

The print was produced 1932.

The title of the woodblock print is "Kyogen Play 狂言図" by KEITH Elizabeth (1887~1956). Elizabeth was born in Scotland, the U.K. in 1887. When she was 28, she travelled to Tokyo and remained there for nine years. In 1915 under WATANABE Shozaburo, a publisher, she began to produce Shin-hanga, new woodblock prints, which revitalized the traditional ukiyo-e collaborative system where the artist, carver, printer, and publisher work in division (分業).

In 1934 she had an opportunity of watching Kyogen in Kyoto.

The print was produced in around 1936.

Special Edition:TSUBAKI Sadao (椿貞雄)

The title of the oil painting above is "Autumn Harvest on the Table". It was the work painted when he was studying pictures in Zong era(宗時代), China. He completed the picture on Dec 22, 1924.

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