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  • 執筆者の写真Michi

Selection from the collection of Chiba City Museum of Art 2023-1


The exhibition selected from permanent collection is on view Jan. 4~Feb. 5, 2023.

The woodblock print above is a part of "Japanese Toys of the Chinese zodiac" by KAWASAKI Kyosen (1877~1942) who became a disciple of NAKAI(UTAGAWA) Yoshitaki(1841~1899).

In 1904 Kyosen traveled around Japan. The simple beauty of which each folk toy had fascinated Kyosen so much that he sketched them. He was a leader of a society for the study of folk toys.

Special exhibition: AODO Denzen and his era; Foreign influences in Japanese painting

Here are some of them.

The title of the etching with light color above is "View from Ueno Hill" a part of etching series "Famous Places of Edo" by AODO Denzen 亜欧堂田善 (1748~1822) who was an oil paint and etching artist. Denzen depicted some guests enjoying tea time, looking down the present JR Ueno station area.

It was published in 1804~1809.

The special exhibition: 'AODO Denzen a Western Style Painter of the Edo Period, The Trajectory of His Creativity' is now on view on the 7th and 8th floor from Jan. 13~Feb.26.

The title of the woodblock print above is "Festival of Tenman Shrine in Osaka" by UTAGAWA Toyoharu (1735~1814) who was a founder of the Utagawa school. Toyoharu effectively utilized the contrast between the starry sky and the surface of the river, which contributed to the impressive ukiyo-e.

It was published in 1772~81.

The title of the woodblock above is "Yanagibashi in Ryogoku, from the series Famous Places in Edo" by UTAGAWA Kuniyoshi (1797~1861).

Kuniyoshi was so interested in Western paintings that he treasured 100 Western-style paintings.

It was published in 1830~44.

The title of the woodblock print above is "Kasumigaseki, from the series Famous Views of Edo" by UTAGAWA Kuniyoshi, who used innovative compositions of the straight lined walls of buildings in perspectives and shadow of the people.

It was published in 1830~1844.

The title of the etching above is "Carpenter" by MENPES Mortimer (1855~1938) who was an Australian-born British painter, author, printmaker, an illustrator. Mortimer praised him as 'the king of carpenter' in his book.

He visited Japan in 1887 and 1888 and he traveled many places.

Japanese artisan's expertise extremely fascinated him when he visited carpenters, potters, metalworkers, and dyers in Tokyo, Osaka, an Kyoto.

It was published in 1888-1914.

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