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  • 執筆者の写真Michi

Sayado Hall designated tangible cultural property in Chiba City in 1995.


This is a scale model of the former Chiba branch of Kawasaki Bank.

When you look at this building above, you'll find many stilts standing out.

This is the construction method called 'Saya Hall' or 'sheath hall' to preserve an old building.

The old building was constructed for Chia branch of Kawasaki bank by an architect Matakichi Yabe in 1927.

After Kawasaki Bank had been in business for 16 years , it was merged into Mitsubishi Bank.

In 1971, Chiba City purchased the building.

Consequently It was used as community center of Chibachuo area for 19 years.

Chiba city designated the prewar building as the tangible cultural property in 1995.

On November 3, 1995 a new building was constructed by an architect Sachio Otani as compound facilities for Chiba Museum of Art and Chuo Ward office. He used one of the Japanese traditional ways of construction to cover the prewar building or Sayado Hall for preservation. It is now open to the public and people often enjoy concerts, exhibitions, and so on there.

Here you'll see a video showing inside of Sayado Hall which is Neo Renaissance style of architecture. When you go into the hallway, you'll be fascinated with the refined chandeliers on the ceiling, white pillars regularly lining up, decorative handrails and the beautiful German-made mosaic on the floors.

Going to the outside facade, you'll see the Ionic order tops of the columns and the emblem of Kawasaki bank.

This is a map of Chiba City Museum of Art.





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