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Museum of Aeronautical Sciences


This museum will offer you the virtual world of the sky by feeling, touching and experiencing.

It's quite sure that you can enjoy a whole day there!

When you go into the West Wing on the 1st floor, you'll be surprised by the display of Boeing 747-400 Large-Scale Model (1:8 scale) together with the displays of its parts such as an engine, a tire, etc. You can also see the DC-8 gear.

You can have a virtual experience in the cockpit as a pilot, seeing the panoramic vision on the wall. It makes you feel you are like a pilot. Tickets are required to try the cockpit simulator.

Please contact the staff.

When you go up to the 2nd floor, You'll learn the history of the aircrafts.

On the 2nd floor in the East Wing, you can see a scale model of Narita Air port (1:8) as well as the video screens showing its functions. Going down to the 1st floor, you have the opportunity of experiencing a DC-8 pilot training simulator and as a passenger. You can enjoy the view from the cockpit as well as views from passenger's seats on both sides. Please get a ticket at the reception.

There is a multipurpose hall where 50 people at a maximum can join aviation-related classes or seminars.

There is a library that houses aviation-related books, magazines and other documents. You can browse all and watch videos and use the internet.

On the 5th floor of the Central Wing, you'll enjoy looking at aircrafts landing and taking off with a perfect guided explanation.

Outdoor displays are fantastic, too! About 20 aircrafts are displayed including the prototype of the Japanese YS-11, the Mooney, which you can try operating free of charge, the Cessna 411 and helicopters.

There are opportunities for a paid aircraft simulator with moving propellers and helicopters.

This museum is located in a 15-minute-bus ride from Terminal 2 at Narita Airport and from Keisei Narita kuuko station.

You can visit it by a bus ride for 10 minutes from Shibayama-chiyoda station of the Shibayama Railway.

For further information please access the Website.



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