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Making buckwheat noodles (そば打ち)


My friends and I visited a place where a master at making 'soba-buckwheat noodle' will teach how to make soba on a sunny December afternoon. It was about 10minutes from JR. Honda station by car. It is one of the places introduced in the "Chiba Asobi-a booklet introducing experience-based tours". Noro area is said to be a holy ground where they have been raising buckwheat plants called "Chiba Zairai (native to Chiba)" for more than a hundred years.

We used 1kg of "Chiba Zairai" buckwheat flour which was freshly ground with a stone mill . First, sift the flour into the wooden bowl. Add 500cc of water in three times and mix well to ensure thorough mixing. At the third time allow the mix to look like small beans.

Then put them together and knead it well to make a dough. Put the dough onto the counter,

flatten the dough with your hands. Wrap it around a rolling pin and roll out from four different sides to make a thin square ( it's like a magic!)

Roll out the dough little by little to make very thin rectangle. Fold in half, and then fold it twice carefully so as not to tear it. Then, here comes the last process to cut it very thin.



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