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Let's visit a Sake Brewery in Chiba!


How about visiting a Sake brewery and learn the process of Sake brewing?

There's a Sake brewery which has more than 300years of history in Kozaki, not far from Narita International Airport.

The sign of a brewery, cedar- leaf -ball, at the front welcomes you.

"Nabedana" is a Sake brewery which has more than 300years of history.

Originally, the brewery was founded near Naritasan Shinshoji Temple, and moved in to the present location seeking more land.

They came to use modern and hygienic facilities, but the unique brewing process hasn't changed and inherited the traditional way. It is called multiple, parallel fermentation and said to be "a one of a kind brewing process in the world"

You can take a brewery tour through the brewery. After watching the video , the guide will show you around all through the brewery. Sake brewing starts after the rice harvest around September and finishes around November or December. The tour is available throughout the year, but you need a reservation. Tel. 0478-79-0161

At the end of the tour, you can enjoy tasting various types of Sake.

If you can not drink, ice cream will be served.

You can buy bottles of Sake and nice appetizers as well in its shop.

Tour's fee is 500yen per person

Nabedana is located in the town of Kozaki, which is called "the town of fermentation".

You can find some other shops of fermented products as in the following link.


JR from "Narita" (ten minutes ride from Narita International Airport T1 or T2) bound for Choshi and get off at "Shimofusa Kozaki" 20minutes \330

On foot from Shimofusa Kozaki 20minutes, by taxi 5minutes \500

from Narita International Airport,





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