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Come and Try Boso Futomaki Roll!


Look forward to next tour. You're going to love it. See you then!

Program Topics:

Come and visit our online virtual tour and learn about Japanese rice culture featuring Sushi and Sake. You will learn rice dish varieties and Sushi ABC followed by a specialty of Chiba area, “Boso Futomaki roll”, the queen of sushi roll. “Boso” means the whole Chiba peninsular area adjacent to Tokyo, where they grow various types of crops including rice and vegetable as well as the seafood product such as fish and nori, seaweed. We will visit one of classic Sushi restaurant at local town Otaki and sit at the sushi bar where sushi chef will demonstrate how to make fine local Sushi roll inherited its traditional style.

Sake is made from fine rice and it contains almost the same level of alcohol as wine and it has been enjoyed among Japanese people in wide varieties of temperature. Because sake complements a wider variety of Japanese cuisine. We drink sake heated at one time and chilled at other times depending on foods and on seasons in Japan. Also Tips to select and taste Sake in winning combination with Sushi in temperature will be showed at the end of the story.

Interactive Q and A session is followed after the tour program. Your comments and questions are more than welcome! Please be shared and communicated online in real time program through interactive chat and talk with us via zoom application. This online virtual tour is presented by Skylets, NPO organization working at Narita International Airport in Chiba, gateway to Tokyo, Japan.


Program Outline:

Running time: approx.50~60 minutes including interactive Q&A

Language: English

Venue: Online Zoom

Fare: Free of charge

Participants shall bear your own communication expenses through internet.

Maximum participants: 15 (first-come-first-served basis)

Dates and start time:

Program A: November 20, 2022 (Sun.) 19:00 *JST (10:00 *GMT )session ended

Program B: November 23, 2022 (Wed.) 10:00 JST (1:00 GMT)session ended

(USA: November.22, 2022 (Tue) 17:00 PST, 20:00 EST)

Program C: November 29 (Tue.) 19:00 JST (10:00 GMT)session ended

All programs are the same content, but different presenting schedule.

*GMT=Greenwich Mean Time, *JST=Japanese Standard Time

Apply now:

Overseas individual applicants and foreign residents in Japan can apply this program.

Please send us the following necessary information by clicking the below “Click here!” button at Online application process.

 a) email address, b) Name, c) Name on Zoom, d) Preferred Program (A, B or C)

e) Nationality and resident area (ex; USA /Los Angeles), f) specific interest if any

After sending your application, our email with the booking confirmation will be automatically sent to the submitted e-mail address. Please contact to the following email if you could not receive the confirmation.

Contact address:

By submitting your application, you thereby agree to the terms and conditions listed at the bottom of this page.

Online application process: click here! [link to application]

Terms and conditions:

Cancellation and reservation changes

Please inform the organizer by e-mail by previous day to the scheduled tour if you wish to cancel your reservation. If you want to change your reservation (Tour No. or schedule), you need to inform the organizer by e-mail of the cancellation first, and then apply again to the preferred tour/schedule by the deadline on the website.

You need zoom application

If you are using a desktop, you can either join from your browser or download the Zoom application. If you are using iOS or an Android phone, you need to download the Zoom application. Do not share the Zoom link with others. Please note that the organizer may remove unknown guests coming into the Zoom meeting room.

Restrictions on the use of personal information

The organizer uses personal information provided by applicants only for the purposes of this program and never uses the information outside of the purpose of collection, nor will this personal information be provided to any parties, unless otherwise specified by the Ordinance.

NPO Skylets will handle all collected personal information securely and carefully and take proper measures to prevent any unauthorized disclosure, use, alteration, etc.


Please note that the tours will be photographed (screenshots) and filmed for organizer’s PR and recording purposes.


1 Comment

Hidetsugu Fukuyama
Hidetsugu Fukuyama
Oct 18, 2022

It's a good chance to know the rice culture of Japan. The rice is re-evaluated which is one of Japanese staple ingredients because of wheat shortage.

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