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Cherry Blossoms on Rolled Sushi Mark a Spring

I went driving in the Boso peninsula on March 13, just because my husband wanted to try driving his brand new small car "DAYZ"

We dropped in a market "Takeyuranosato Otaki" on route 297 and looked for bento for lunch.

While I was looking around, I found beautifully rolled sushi! Yes, this is it! This is so called matsurizushi (祭り寿司) which has been handed down from generation to generation in Otaki area.

It was after Meiji era that people in the middle and the north part of Chiba pref. served simple rolled sushi at the funeral occasions. They used to roll cooked stems of Satoimo (taro) potatoes by steamed rice and seaweed.

Since then the local people have prepared matsurizushi on annual events such as Hina Matsuri or the Girls' Festival, Tango No Sekku or the Boys ' Festival, Cherry blossoms viewing, and so on as well as ceremonial occasions for the school entrance, coming of age, marriage, funeral, and ancestral worship.

They have developed gorgeous matsurizushi with various kinds of designs.

I put two packages of Matsurizushi in one plate.

There are many patterns of matsurizushi which are from the homepage of Takeyuranosato Otaki (たけゆらの里 大多喜).

These three images below are from the homepage of MAFF(Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries).

And Here are more which are from the homepage from JA Sanbugun city(山武郡市).

You'll see Kawazuzakura trees in full bloom which bloom a few months earlier than Someiyoshino trees which were widely planted all over Japan.





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