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千葉市 花の美術館 Chiba City Museum of Flower Art               


The Museum of Flower Art is located in Inage Seaside Park, just behind Inage artificial beach.

The bus from Jr. Inage station will take you there within 10minutes.

When you step into the front yard of the Museum , various seasonable plants will welcome you in each season through the year.

As you walk through the flower garden you greet the familiar plants and some you meet for the first time.

Children can enjoy walking through the flower beds in the wide open area.

The garden including the back yard and the patio now has about 48,000 plants of 1,600 species.


The museum will be closed from April 1, 2022 for about a year and a half due to the construction of suspended ceiling, air conditioning equipment and elevators.

Front and back yards, atrium will also be closed during the same period and when it's renewed a garden for dogs is going to appear.

The rose garden in the back yard is beautiful and gorgeous in early summer and also in autumn.

The flowers and shrubs are nicely planted like an English garden along the border that leads to the backyard. This delights the eye and flatters the senses.

In the back yard there is a rest house with wooden tables and benches where you can have lunch or tea.

If you want to have nicer lunch or tea with sweets, why not find the Italian restaurant at the front yard.

You can choose a seat in the terrace and enjoy a meal while looking at the flowers in the patio.

Another way to enjoy the patio which is also full of attractive flowers is to pay the admission fee and see more flowers inside the building.

Here you can enjoy walking around the patio and atrium and go into the hothouse.

On the second floor of the building you can see interesting exhibitions and kitchen garden outside the building.

You must remember you are in a garden but also near the beach.

I recommend you to go through the gate which is at the entrance of the border garden toward the sea, and you will find the pond and the site of glamping .

The wooden deck which juts out over the sea is under construction and should be finished by the end of March,2022.

In winter time you can see Skytree, or Mt. Fuji across Tokyo bay.

The beach is artificial and the Museum is on the wide land reclaimed from the sea. The building including the big hothouse was built as the theme building of the 12th national urban greening fair held in Chiba in 1995.

Other than the Museum of Flower Art, you will find a broad play park, Inage Aviation Hall, and a yacht harbor where you can experience yacht sailing or wind surfing in Inage Beachside Park.

Inage Beachside Park is a place for recreation and relaxation for the people.

Opening hours  9:30~17:00 (from Tue. to Sun.)

Closed Mondays -When Monday is a national holiday, Tuesday is closed

May 7

Admission Fee Adult(+16) \300

Child(7-15) \150

under 6 free

over 65 free (Certificate is required to show being over 65 and living in Chiba City)

Access by train and bus

     from JR. Inage ( Sobu line)  take a bus bound for 「海浜公園プール行」

"Beachside Park Swimming Pool"

at No.2 bus stop , on the loop in west exit. get off at 「花の美術館」"Flower Art Museum"          

     from  JT. Inagekaigan (Keiyo line)  take a bus for 「海浜公園入口行] "Beachside Park entrance" at south exit and get off at the last station   


by car Parking : 300yen for the first 3 hours , 100yen for every one hour after that, up to 600yen

600yen during the summer season when the swimming pool is open

Tel. 043-277-8776





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