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Why not Enjoy a Virtual Flight at Museum of Aeronautical Sciences? 航空科学博物館

I visited the museum with my 8-year-old grandson, his mother, and my husband on April 30, during the Golden Week holidays.

I got there at 10:30 and I rushed to the information to reserve some tickets.

I reserved DC-8 flight simulator at 16:20, while the tickets for the guided tour of Boeing 747 were sold out.

You can make a reservation at the information. There are three programs of virtual flight.

①Experience of DC-8 flight,100 yen per person, for 30 minutes

②Guided tour of Boeing 747, 500 yen, for 50 minutes

③Experience of remote piloting Boeing 747-400, 200 yen, per group 30 minutes

You can make a reservation on the 2nd floor. There are two programs of virtual flight.

④Experience of simulation of Boeing 777, 500 yen (For the first graders of elementary school and over)

⑤Experience of simulation of Boeing 737MAX, 1000 yen, (For the 4th graders of elementary school and over)

We were lucky. When we got to the 2nd floor, no one was waiting for the simulation of Boeing 777. My grandson got nervous at the beginning of the simulation, but ended up with satisfaction.

He wasn’t qualified for ⑤.

We had DC-8 virtual flight over Tokyo Sky Tree, the Aqualine, and Choshi in Chiba Pref. He was a captain pilot and we were passengers.


Unfortunately he wasn't qualified to experience ③the simulation of Boeing 747-400 because he was too young. Two people will experience the remote piloting.

Outdoors he was proud of working as an ANA staff only in his mind.

There was a free workshop of making a paper airplane (origami) and a paid workshop of making a candle.

My grandson experienced the candle making with a lot of his mother's help.

It cost 2300 yen: A glass container 1200 yen + several ornaments 1100 yen.

It was a beautiful day and many families came to enjoy the museum on the day.

We enjoyed spending a whole day watching airplanes taking off and landing Narita airport,

taking virtual flights, learning airplanes, making a glass candle, and so on.

When the pandemic is over, I would like to take a real flight overseas.

For further information please visit my blog posted on Feb.3, 2021.





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