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Tomioka Silk Mill 富岡製糸場

The source of the image: Tomioka City

I visited the Tomioka Silk Mill for the first time on Apr. 22. I've long wanted to visit the silk mill because a friend of mine had told me it's worth visiting.

The Meiji government decided to establish a machine silk-reeling factory at Tomioka in Gunma prefecture, northwest of Tokyo, and soon after main buildings were completed, operations started in1872.

I parked my car in the free east parking space near Tomioka Station located in a fifteen minute walk to the silk mill. I walked to get to the entrance gate.

The source of the image: Tomioka City

Going through the entrance gate, I saw a stunning brick building in front of me. It' s beautiful! It was an east cocoon warehouse.

The source of the image: Tomioka City

The silk-reeling machines imported from France have been preserved well even after they stopped operations in 1987.

The source of the image: Tomioka City

You can meet silkworms churning out silk (絹糸を作り出す) at one of the company residences located in the northern area.

The Tomioka Silk Mill and Related Sites was designated as World Heritage by UNESCO in 2014. This is the monument.

A Cherry tree in full bloom

Looking down the Kabura River

I had a wonderful time to look on inside of the facilities available for nearly two hours.

I got fascinated by the good preservation of three main buildings; east and west warehouses and silk-reeling plant that are national treasures and other houses that were used for the director, instructors, and female workers as well.

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