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  • 執筆者の写真Aki Acton

Ripening season at Togakushi Highland(戸隠連峰)


We had a wonderful trip to Togakushi highland with our friends in late October. Togakushi is a popular destination for its stunning autumn foliage and its delicious soba, noodles made from local buckwheat. It is also a geologically significant site, as it lies on the fossa magna, a median tectonic line that splits Japan into two regions. The trees and leaves along this fault line were ablaze with vibrant shades of red and yellow. We admired the view from Kagamiike, a pond that reflects the scenery like a mirror. We also noticed the subtle waves on the water that created a beautiful contrast in the moment of quietness around us.

On our way back to the town, we enjoyed the sight of various fruits ripening in the fields, such as apples, zakuro (pomegranates), mayumi (Euonymus sieboldiana) and others. Zakuro have a long history that dates back to the Old Testament, and these fruits are a legacy and a reminder of our ancestral food that traveled through exotic languages on the Silk Road to our country. After returning to the town, we visited a local farmer's market to buy some products from the surrounding villages as souvenirs for our friends' family. We discovered a large local apple variety called "Shinano Sweet". I can guarantee that the one we tasted here was sweet and not sour, and quite big too! 【AA】






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