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  • 執筆者の写真Aki Acton

Ripening season at Togakushi Highland(戸隠連峰)


Towards the end of October, our friend couple and we went for a drive to Togakushi highland to look at the autumn colors. Togakushi is famous for its autumn leaf viewing and soba, noodles made from buckwheat. Togakushi is also the place where “fossa magna”, a median tectonic line, which has divided Japan into two big parts, has been running from time immemorial. The leaves covered the surface of fossa magna has been ablaze with various red and yellow colors. We enjoyed the scene from Kagamiike which means the pond with mirror surface, but we saw fine and beautiful rippling on that mirror in the moment of quietness.

On the way back to the town saw a various ripening fruit such as apple, zakuro(pomegranate fruit), mayumi(Euonymus sieboldiana) and so on. Zakuro has a far long history since Old Testament and those fruits are legacy and ancestral food which reminds me the long journey through various exotic language on Silkroad to our country. After coming back to the town visited a local farmer’s market to get some products from outlying villages as souvenir to our friends' family. We found big local apple named "Shinano Sweet". I can assure you that the one we tested is sweet and less sour and fairy big in addition! 【AA】



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