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  • 執筆者の写真Zack

Killer Whale is cute! Let's go to see the Killer Whale Show.

(Be careful with the volume)

What kind of image do you have of Killer Whales?

Maybe some people imagine it as a dangerous animal.

I went to Kamogawa Sea World, a trendy aquarium with children and their parents, with my grandson and family. (It takes about 2 hours from Tokyo station by express train and bus near Awakamogawa station.)

The popular event in this aquarium is the Killer whales show.

There are three ones, and their big appearance, the name: Killer Whale, seems to be scary.

But the audience was struck by their cuteness.

They kissed their trainers and brought them on their heads and bodies.

The most exciting show was their dynamic jumps near the edge of the pool.

It made a big wave, and it hit audiences. So we had to wear raincoats.

I love Killer whales and this show. 





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