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  • 執筆者の写真Michi

Kainan Natagiri Shrine (海南刀切神社)in Tateyama, Boso


The shrine is located across the Prefectural Route 257 (Boso Flower Line) from Funakoshi Natagiri Shrine.

In the precinct(境内) you can see three rocks (力石). When I saw them, I thought of how many young fishermen would have competed their strength by lifting a rock during the shrine festival. In the Edo era it was one of their popular attractions to compete for the most powerful man by lifting heavy objects.

At the end of the precinct you see two big rocks. A myth says, the Deity(神) landed on the sea shore by ship and paved the road by cutting the rock into two with a hand ax.

This is a main hall where Natagirino Okami (刀切大神) is enshrined.

The sculpture depicts a myth that when Amaterasu Omikami (天照大神), the Sun Goddess, slightly opened the stone cave in which she had been hiding from anger, another god showed her a mirror and told her that they had another beautiful goddess. She saw herself reflecting in the mirror and came out of the cave.

This sculpture depicts a myth that Susanoono Mikoto (須佐之男命) who lived in Izumo (Shimane Prefecture) defeating a big snake with eight heads and eight tails. Because it had already swept seven daughters away from an old couple, and only one daughter was left for them at that time.

People used to adore both Kainan Natagiri Shrine and Funakoshi Natagiri Shrine as one shrine.





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