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房総の村"Village of Boso" Chiba Prefectural Museum     


Boso is the name of peninsula which contains the whole of Chiba prefecture

Not far from Narita International Airport, there’s a village where you surely feel like you have strayed into a real village in the 19th century. At the entrance of the village 16 old merchant houses are built on both sides of the street ,making an atmosphere of the Edo period.

This place is sometimes used as a shooting place for movies.

There is a Liquor shop. Pharmacy, Pottery shop, Tea shop, Clothing (kimono)shop and more.

↓ layout of the merchant houses

Going further into the village you'll come to the country side.

There, you will see big farmhouses reproduced in the splendid natural environment.

On the way here, you see Samurai houses, too.

experiences at Samurai houses

← one of the farmhouses

More than half of the area of Boso-no-Mura,80 acers, is called Fudoki no Oka," Hill of Fudoki" which is a place of burial mounds where you can visit the archaeology Museum and restored pit dwelling(now closed until 2022,spring).

Many figurines are placed around the burial mound just like they used to be placed.

From this area you can have a look at Lake Inba.

Please refer to the homepage below for more detailed information.

All the pictures are used from this homepage.

Tel. +81 476 95 3333


from Narita Airport Station (T1,T2) to Narita Station

by JR Line, rapid train for about 13minutes

from Narita Station to Boso-no-Mura

by taxi about 15 minutes , 3000yen (from west exit)

by bus take the Chiba Koutsu Bus (千葉交通バス)

           for Ryukakujidai Shako (龍角寺台車庫) 

           get off at "Ryukakujidai 2cho-me" (龍角寺台2丁目)  

about 20minute-ride and 10minute-walk from the bus stop





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